Due to high volume of catering, we will not be able to take catering orders on the following dates during the fall 2019 semester:

  • Saturday, August 31
  • Saturday, October 12
  • Saturday, October 26
  • Saturday, November 2
  • Saturday, November 23

If you are having an event during the dates listed, please send a Catering Exemption Request Form to ksucatering@kennesaw.edu.

To begin planning your event, please complete the Catering Request Form. We kindly ask that events be booked two weeks in advanced. Final details of menus and services must be finalized at least seven business days prior to the event. If you have any questions, please email ksucatering@kennesaw.edu or call 470-578-7715 and we will make every possible effort to reply within one business day.

  • Catering is defined as food service that meets at least one of the following conditions:

    • The food to be served is prepared and transported by a licensed restaurant, caterer or other food service provider.
    • The food requires setup and/or on‐site service (such as chafers, sterno or other heat source, banquet attendants, servers, etc.) or any food that requires temperature maintenance.

    Catering does not include food and beverages that do not require the maintenance of a serving temperature may be served, such as chips, crackers, nuts, cookies, special occasion cakes, bagels and donuts.

    Delivery service from nearby restaurants (e.g., pizza delivery, Jimmy John’s, etc.) are allowed. When departments, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) or guests order and pay for pizza or sandwich delivery and the food is delivered to be consumed within one hour of delivery time, it is to be considered drop‐off service and is not considered catering.

    Potlucks are strictly prohibited.

  • For catering purchases under $200, any licensed food service provider or KSU Catering may be used at the choice of the event sponsor.

    For all catering purchases over $200, for events on Kennesaw State University property, only KSU Catering may be used.

    Read about Catering Policies and Information