KSU Hospitality Services, formerly KSU Catering, is happy to announce contracts with Time to Dine, Carlyle’s Catering, and J.D.’s Bar-B-Que have been renewed for a second term. As an accompaniment to the offerings of the three contracted caterers, KSU Hospitality Services will also offer services for small-scale catering needs on campus, including but not limited to beverage and snack breaks, Presidential affairs, boxed lunch service for groups of 75 or less, and linen needs. 

Requesting Catering For Your Event

Carlyle’s Catering, J.D.’s Bar-B-Que and Time to Dine continue to be readily available for your catering and event needs. All requests for catering services must be made through one of these three contracted companies. Please follow the steps outlined below to plan your event.

  1. Please visit reservations.kennesaw.edu to book your event space on campus through the EMS Client Portal. If assess to the EMS Reservation portal is unavailable the Hospitality Services Catering Request Form should be submitted. Please be advised an event reservation number is required and can be obtained by contacting Event Management Services at events@kennesaw.edu.
  2. Contact the caterer directly to coordinate services based on the menu and pricing options of your chosen caterer. You are welcome to make more than one request for services.
  3. If utilizing state funds, complete the Food Approval Form. If Foundation funds are the source of payment, proceed to the next step. Please indicate your funding method to the caterer.
  4. Upon confirming your order with the selected caterer, submit the Catering Services Confirmation Form with a copy of the final catering quote, to include the approved menu, to Hospitalty Services no later than three business days prior to the event. Services provided by KSU Hospitality Services do not require submission if the Catering Services Confirmation Form. 
  5. You are responsible for processing all resulting invoices and ensuring timely payment to the caterer.  

For services provided by KSU Hospitality Services, orders should be placed via reservations.kennesaw.edu (EMS Portal). The KSU Hospitality Services catering menu is displayed after a location for your event has been selected. Upon review of your request, a confirmation/quote for services will be forwarded to the requesting party. 

We recommend that you book your event at least two weeks in advance. Menu and service details must be submitted seven business days prior to the date of the event; however, each caterer has specific guidelines as to their final confirmation and headcount policies. Please refer to the caterer’s menu and ordering guidelines for a detailed list of these policies.

Should the three contracted caterers be unavailable to perform the services you request due to high volume of confirmed KSU bookings or if they are unable to accommodate a specific menu for cultural or dietary requirement, you may submit the Secondary External Caterer Request Form to request a caterer of your choosing via the catering exemption process.

To ensure appropriate safety and sanitation practices are followed, the use of secondary external catering providers requires University Dining approval prior to confirming services with the requested caterer.  When submitting the Secondary External Catering Request Form, please ensure a copy of the catering quote and the supporting documents are submitted 14 business days before the scheduled event. If you are unable to uploaded supporting documents to the form, please forward these to ksucatering@kennesaw.edu. All requests are based on the approval or denial of University Dining Director and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Licensing and insurance are required by law, and it’s our responsibility to do our due diligence to ensure that food is safe for our guests to consume. Even if an external caterer has previously provided successful service on KSU premises, that does not legitimize a legal precedent for food safety.

Due to health regulations, leftovers cannot be removed from any event space, for any reason. While onsite, all contracted caterers ensure that food is temperature-controlled and served in safe conditions. When guests take food, the shift in the environment puts guests at risk of foodborne illnesses. This policy is strictly enforced.

Catering Contract Exemptions 

When departments, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) or guests order and pay for food delivery or pick up, and the food is delivered for consumption within one hour of delivery time, it is considered drop‐off service, not catering; however, food must not require set up and/or on‐site service (e.g., chafers, heating sources, banquet attendants, servers, etc.) to qualify as meal delivery or pick up. Food that requires temperature maintenance cannot be served. An example of acceptable items would be pizza or sandwich delivery, food from a fast-food vendor, and snacks, baked goods, or bottled beverages. An approval request is not necessary for food delivery or pick up.

For catering purchases under $300, you can choose any licensed food service delivery provider. The Catering Services Confirmation Form shall be submitted, to include the quote.

Additionally, food trucks are exempt from the catering contract, however the Secondary Catering Request Form must be completed and pre-approved by University Dining.

Chick-fil-A Catering

To order Chick-fil-A catering, please use the Chick-fil-A Order Form. If you have any questions regarding your Chick-fil-A order, please email 80047@chick-fil-a.com.