Carlyle’s Catering

Founded in 1976, Carlyle’s began as a lunchtime spot serving ice cream, soups and sandwiches. Homemade foods served with a genuine smile was a recipe for success, and Carlyle’s grew to more than a dozen locations across Atlanta. Carlyle’s is a family business founded on the simple principle of delivering great food and service that has earned them a reputation of excellence. You can now share their freshly prepared fare with attendees at your next event.

Menus coming soon. Please check back but in the meantime, reach out to the catering contact below.

Contact: Sarah Boyd at or 404‐694‐9529

J.D.’s BBQ 

Chip (J.D.) grew up in the sand hills of eastern North Carolina where he was introduced to the stick burning style of barbecue using 100% oak and hickory firewood as the heat source. Chip moved to Atlanta in 1996, and in September 1999 he started his BBQ business at a small stand, which he moved to a brick-and-mortar storefront in 2003. In 2011 he opened a second location staying true to his unique style of cooking. Now you can serve his delicious dishes that go beyond BBQ to guests during your on-campus events.

Contact: Shanna at

Time to Dine 

Michelle and L. Pepper Heusner-Wilkinson co-own this Marietta-based business whose mission statement is to provide great food and personalized service at an exceptional value, in a professional and timely manner with integrity and accountability. They do this by using the best ingredients available, hiring great talent and being personally responsible to each client. You can now offer guests a taste of their cooking at your event on campus.

Blackout Dates

Time to Dine is unavailable for catering on the following dates:

  • August 24 – 28